“Tailored legal counselling
to innovative companies.”

While the current business scenario presents innovative and exclusive opportunities, its business challenges are increasingly more complex, global and regulated.

It was in that scenario of constant evolution that ZCBS – Zancaner Costa, Bastos e Spiewak Advogados came into existence, dedicated to the provision of specialized legal services to companies with innovative thinking which require fast, careful, focused   and experienced partnerships. Welcome to our website.

Our team is composed by highly qualified lawyers, who have previously held positions within legal departments of multinational companies, Brazilian law firms and international commercial associations.

Bearing degrees from academic institutions of unique quality, as well as having intense experience in the Brazilian and international markets, the associates at ZCBS – Zancaner Costa, Bastos e Spiewak Advogados focus on counseling its clients on overcoming the complex legal challenges of the modern economy in a safe and dynamic manner.

A new law firm, focused on the new economy.